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Devon LMC Hub (Members Only) 


​​​​​​​Devon Local Medical Committee (LMC) is an influential and dynamic organisation, acting as the local representative of all NHS General Practitioners working in Devon. The LMC is the only body that has a statutory duty to represent GPs at a local level; first enshrined in law in 1911, this statutory duty has been recognised in successive NHS Acts and subordinate legislation made under them.


Whilst recognised by statute and having statutory functions, LMCs are NOT themselves statutory bodies, they are independent. It is this unique status, that allows us to be so effective in supporting, protecting, and representing GPs and their practices across the county. We are a stable part of the NHS landscape, bringing stability and continuity to an ever-shifting and challenging environment, both within the local health system and wider NHS.  It is a crucial role we undertake with passion, pride, and professionalism.

We provide representation, negotiation, and leadership locally and nationally, working with various NHS bodies to promote, support, protect, and develop general practice in the broadest sense. The Health and Social Care Act reinforces the requirement for NHS Bodies to consult with the LMC on issues that relate to general practice, however, it is important to understand that the LMC is not a trade union and cannot act as such, this is the role of the British Medical Association (BMA).​​​​​​​ LMCs maintain a golden thread of engagement from Practice to Government in a variety of ways; by interacting with, and through, the General Practitioners Committee (GPC), LMCs ensure a close liaison between national and local representation for General Practice. Devon LMC strives for a positive and collaborative relationship with all organisations with whom we interact to shape the future of NHS services locally on behalf of our members. 

At a holistic level, we provide a range of Core Support Services including confidential one-to-one professional support, supporting practice teams to deal with resilience, business viability, and sustainability issues, through to coaching, peer support, mediation, and facilitation. Available to all staff working in General Practice, Devon LMC provides a dedicated Freedom To Speak Up Guardian Service through our network of trained Speak Up Guardians, empowering colleagues to raise anything that affects the quality of patient care or staff experience. A link to further information and details on how to access these services can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Devon LMC has a small, professional, and dedicated full time Executive Team with additional part time members; GP representatives selected by their peers on a rotational basis meet regularly and work alongside the Executive Team to address areas of concern pertaining to the delivery of Primary Care in Devon.