Living in Devon..............
             'Far from the madding Crowd'
Devon is a gorgeous county situated in the South West. It boasts over 120 miles of beautiful coastlines, outstanding beaches, breathtaking moorland, 5 areas of outstanding beauty and a plethora of charming towns and villages as well as two vibrant cities. 
So if you are looking for excellent General Practice career opportunity with a lifestyle many would envy.........then Devon is the place for you.

Cities, Towns & Villages

Devon has 2 vibrant, exciting and attractive cities,  Exeter and the UK's Ocean City of Plymouth.

It has 77 picturesque towns and over 450 chocolate box villages........

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Culture, attractions cuisine

The West Country is famous not only for it's beauty but for its relaxed social life and exceptional local produce which bars and restaurants utilise for superb dining across the region.

Devon is at the very heart of this and has a wide variety of theatres, cinemas, sports and parks to perfect to suit families of all ages, couples and adventurers.

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Universities, Colleges & Schools...

Devon has over 433 primary, secondary education schools as well as colleges, with are a mixture of state funded and independent establishments.

Devon also has access to 2 excellent universities.....

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