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Support We Provide


This confidential service provides support and guidance to GPs, Practice Managers, and other members. If you are struggling with internal strife within a partnership, burnout, or your personal workload is threatening to become unmanageable our Professional support offices can provide you with agile support tailored to your specific needs. 


Our Leadership and Management Support Service is there to support the 'team' when things have become difficult and may lead to serious problems, or when there is an issue too difficult to deal with alone. When requested, the LMC will set up an initial meeting to discuss the issue and then develop a plan with you to work towards resolution. We also provide a scalable service to support conflict resolution and improved business performance. 


The LMC is providing a Speak Up Guardian Service for General Practice in Devon through our network of trained Speak Up Guardians. The role of the Speak Up Guardian is to empower colleagues to speak up about anything which they think affects the quality of patient care or staff experience and to tackle barriers to speaking up where found. Any member of the practice team can access this service. 


Developing Individuals to enhance professional performance. 

We are currently running a dedicated GP Coaching Programme funded by NHS England. It is primarily aimed at GPs who have reached a crossroads in their career and would value a series of structured sessions to support their development. The scheme can be accessed directly through the LMC office and following an initial telephone discussion to assess suitability, GPs will be offered up to 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions with an ILM5 or equivalent level qualified coach.


Bespoke courses to support General Practice in Devon. Please contact the office for more information on the training courses we provide

To Access any of our Services, please find more information via our Leadership hub or contact office directly

Practice Manager Development Programme

Devon LMC provides a bespoke programme of development support for Practice Managers and those working in a management or supervisory role in General Practice. The programme has been specifically designed to sit alongside and complement internal appraisal processes. 

Those enrolled on the programme will be offered three core elements (fully funded) with the option of bolting on an additional three modules for a small fee:

  • Development Review (free)

  • X 3 Follow-up Sessions (free)

  • Wellbeing Event (free)


  • Action Learning Sets (Cost)

  • Insights Colourworks Profiling (Cost)

  • X 3 Coaching Sessions (Cost)

Expressions of interest / applications should be submitted HERE; if you’d like the opportunity to discuss this further please contact the Office to book a call. 

To access any of our services, please find more information via our Leadership hub or email:

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