Services Provided by Devon LMC for all those in General Practice Leadership Roles.


A confidential and discrete support service from individual members of the leadership team. There's a short video at the foot of this page please take a look.

Devon LMCs Professional Support Network provides confidential support and guidance to anyone in a leadership position in General Practice whether they are a GP, Manager, or Practice Nurse. You might be struggling with internal strife in a partnership, with burnout, or your personal workload may threaten to become unmanageable. Our network of Professional Support Officers provide agile support tailored to the needs of the individual.

Holding Hands


Support for Practice teams to deal with resilience, business viability and communication issues.

Our Leadership and Management Support Service is there to support the 'team' when things have become difficult and may lead to serious problems, or when there is an issue too difficult to deal with alone. When requested, the LMC will set up an initial meeting to discuss the issue and then develop a plan with you to work towards resolution. 

Go Team


A scale-able service to support conflict resolution and improve business performance.

The LMC can provide one off support packages to help Practices work towards conflict resolution. At the lowest level facilitated meetings held at Deer Park can often resolve seemingly impossible situations. In more serious cases we can offer a mediation service.  

Business Handshake


Giving a protected voice to team members across Devon.

The LMC is providing a Speak Up Guardian Service for General Practice in Devon through our network of trained Speak Up Guardians. The role of the Speak Up Guardian is to empower colleagues to speak up about anything which they think affects the quality of patient care or staff experience and to tackle barriers to speaking up where found. Any member of the practice team can access this service. 

Holding Hands


Developing Individuals to enhance professional performance. 

We are currently running a dedicated GP Coaching Programme funded by NHS England. It is primarily aimed at GPs who have reached a crossroads in their career and would value a series of structured sessions to support their development. The scheme can be accessed directly through the LMC office and following an initial telephone discussion to assess suitability, GPs will be offered up to 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions with an ILM5 or equivalent level qualified coach. 

Business Meeting


Bringing together the wisdom and experience of our members to inspire and nurture the next generation of leaders in General Practice.

For General Practitioners - The LMC is currently setting up a Mentoring Scheme specifically for GPs new to General Practice and having undertaken the Next Generation GP Leadership Programme. To inspire and nurture the next generation we are seeking GP volunteers to register as mentors which will allow the LMC Support Hub to match mentors with mentees. If you are interested in volunteering we would love to hear from you!  

For Practice Managers - There is an active network of very experienced Practice Managers who can be called upon for peer support for those Managers new to the role or struggling with professional challenges. We have recently set up an Action Learning Set for a group of Practice Managers new to General Practice and who have recently completed our 'Introduction to General Practice Course'. 

Group Discussion


Bespoke courses to support General Practice in Devon

Similing Team


Projects and work streams to support General Practice recruitment in Devon

Working on the Go



Explained in a little under 3 minutes.